About National Paints Group

National Paints was first established in the year 1969, and today ranks 32nd amongst the world's 100 largest producers of paint and coatings according to its sales in 2011, the 18th amongst the 25 largest producers of paint in Europe. It is the largest paint producer in the Middle East and ranks number one, with total production capacity exceeding 400 million liters of paint per year. With such a production record National Paints is considered a leading provider of high quality paint products.

National Paints currently owns 18 factories spread across the world, launching first in Jordan and then onto the United Arab Emirates (UAE). National Paints Factory in Sharjah, UAE is considered the largest production complex for paint products and related material in the Middle East and the Arab World. Thereon National Paints spread its operations to Qatar, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Romania, India, and Egypt.
Its products are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. In addition, it has also showrooms spread across Russia, Syria, and Lebanon.

Due to the fact that National Paints has become one of the world’s biggest paints and coatings manufacturers and the leader in our region, and due to the sustainable growth and continuous achievements of our factories / markets (current and future) around the world; the board of directors has decided to structure all National Paints business units under the umbrella of National Paints Group in the year 2014.

The headquarters of National Paints Group is in the United Arab Emirates, and its main focus is setting unified strategies and polices for all National Paints business units in a strategic approach towards our prime goal – Leadership in our current and future markets.

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